How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer


With so many photographer choices out there, it can be tough for a bride to navigate through all of the options and different prices.  So, how do you choose a good photographer?

Most importantly make sure that you like their style. Do you like more candid shots? Do you like pictures that are more edited? Once you narrow down a photographer that has the style you want, the next step is to, well… Just make sure you like them! You are going to be spending a lot of time with them on your wedding day.  You want to feel comfortable with them and at ease.  Because if you are not, it could show in your photos.

Set up a time to talk with them- let them explain their style, philosophy and how they normally handle weddings. And of course make sure you let them know what you are envisioning.

Also, do your research. Their past reviews and reputation with past clients and vendors will tell you everything about them.

I always suggest that my couples do an engagement session too.  It’s a great way to get to know your photographer and for them to get to know you.  It’s like a mini trial run and you’ll be able to tell right away if you click…

Many couples forget that their wedding photos and video will be the only tangible memory they will have after their special day has come and gone.  These photos are very important and you will not regret pushing a little extra into the budget to book the right photographer.  A good photographer will also be able to capture moments that you may have missed on your wedding day while you were busy mingling with friends and family.  Being able to truly see the beauty of your wedding after the fact is very satisfying for most couples.  Many couples are just too busy to see every little detail and be a part of every moment that day – so it’s nice that your photographer is able to step in and capture those memories for you!

Here are two of my favorite photographer to work with and a few photos from recent weddings we worked on together!

The Vondys ( The Vondys are an award winning husband + wife wedding photography team that specialize in providing a wedding experience unlike any other.

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Above Photos by The Vondys


Jen Philips Photography (

Jen is a ‘Lifestyle Photographer’. This is a photography style that perfectly combines the story-telling of photojournalism and the statement of fine art to create beautifully rendered life.

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Above Photos by Jen Philips